National Association of Youth Courts, Inc. - Established 2007

The mission of the NAYC is to reduce the incidence of juvenile crime and enhance youth civic engagement through community-based prevention/diversion, education, and youth development programs and services.

NAYC History
In March, 2005, the U.S. Department of Justice began planning the creation of a national youth court association. In December 2005, a group of 76 advocates joined to lay the groundwork the ­first ever  national association to represent local youth courts, teen courts, student courts and peer courts across America. In May 2007, the NAYC was formally established as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to promote and advocate for youth courts nationwide.

NAYC Objectives

  • To promote the development/expansion of youth courts and state youth courts associations
  • To provide a forum for training of youth and adult volunteers, the sharing of ideas, best practices and resources for the operation of youth courts.
  • To advocate for education, prevention, diversion and intervention services for youth.
  • To share information on resource development, grants and other funding opportunities
  • To enhance connections and relations with government agencies national and community-based programs and organizations.
  • To educate public and private agencies, businesses and individuals on the bene­fits of youth courts though media outreach and networking activities at the national, state and local levels.

What does NAYC Offer?

  • Access to our website
  • NAYC e-news – report on partnerships, policy initiatives and program ideas
  • Training and technical assistance, administrative, operational and instructional guides
  • Youth Court Month Action Kit and coordinated Youth Court Month & Law Day Events
  • Advanced notice of conferences and workshops relevant to youth court operations
  • Statistical and evaluation information on national, state and local youth court programs.

Membership Privileges

  • Voting privileges on NAYC Corporate Policies and opportunities for Board Membership
  • The most important membership privilege is colleague status with the growing youth court movement across the country and giving support for a nationwide voice on youth policy in partnership with the American Bar Association, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and other leading allied youth justice organizations.

NAYC Membership
We welcome your NAYC membership affiliation. Please access the membership application here.