Funding Ideas 

Websites of Interest for Funding Opportunities
Contains links to government and private sector resources that youth courts may want to investigate for possible funding opportunities.

Funding Prospect Worksheet (PDF) (Word)
A worksheet youth courts can utilize when locating and compiling information on various organizations and foundations that may provide funds for programs.

Budget Worksheet (PDF) (Word)
A worksheet that youth courts can utilize when developing an annual program budget.

Scholarship and Award Opportunities
Scholarship and award opportunities to recognize youth and adult volunteers in youth court programs.

Grant Writing

Finding funding sources is often only the first step to obtaining funds. Once potential funders are found, often it is necessary to write a grant to secure the funds. While each grant proposal is unique and will vary in structure and content depending on the funding source, there are some basic tips that grant writers can follow to help them write more effective proposals. The following links provide information on the grant writing process. (Note: The National Association of Youth Courts (NAYC) is not responsible for the content displayed on these websites.)

Basic Elements of Grant Writing
The Corporation of Public Broadcasting’s easy guide to basic elements of grant writing.

A Proposal Writing Short Course
Information on writing a grant proposal from the Foundation Center.

Steps to Effective Grant Writing
Step by step tips for grant proposal development written by Jim Tanner of KBSolutions, Inc.

Non-Profit Guide on Writing Grants
Overview and specific details on writing grants for the non-profit world.