Are you a new youth court program coordinator? Trying to figure out where to go for information that will assist you in developing a new program or in understanding what is available to assist you in your new job?

This page was developed to show you where you can find information on this website for some of the most common questions asked by new youth court coordinators.

What is the National Association of Youth Courts?

The National Association of Youth Courts, Inc., serves as a central point of contact for youth court programs across the nation, providing informational services, delivering training and technical assistance, and developing resource materials on how to develop and enhance youth court programs in the United States.

Are there any youth courts in my state?

A. For a complete listing by state of all youth courts, please check out the youth court websites resource.

How can I obtain current publications and resources?

A. There are various youth court resources and publications you may access that may assist you in learning more about youth courts or in developing or enhancing youth courts in your local area or state. Also available are online training lessons designed to assist youth volunteers in performing their roles in court more effectively.

I need to develop some forms for my program. Do you have any sample forms I can modify?

A. Yes! We have sample forms for daily program operation which you may download, edit and save.

We are just starting a youth court; can I obtain training on developing and implementing a youth court?

A. Absolutely! We have information on training and technical assistance

I have additional questions not answered here. How can I get assistance?

A. You may email us.