There are myriad tasks and activities that youth court staff persons perform when coordinating and operating a youth court. Depending on the type of case management and data collection system in place, there are also many different forms that youth courts may utilize. The National Association of Youth Courts has gathered forms from youth courts across the country to assist in the development of the sample youth court forms you can access on this website. We encourage you to use the sample forms found on this website as a template for creating your own forms. The forms are available as a PDF and as a Microsoft Word document to give you options for printing, downloading, and customizing the forms.

While you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” when developing your program’s forms, you also need to make sure you are not putting a bicycle wheel on a car. So, please make sure you review through the sample forms and adapt them to meet your program’s individual needs (e.g., adding or deleting data elements, customizing the language used to fit your youth court program model, etc.).

We’ve created an information sheet that accompanies each sample form. This information sheet includes information on the general purpose for the form, the reason the form is useful, and suggested ways to use the form.

We will continue to modify forms and add new forms to this site on an ongoing basis. Therefore, if you see an error on an existing form, or if you want to see us develop a new form that is not represented already on the site, then please let us know by clicking here. Your feedback is encouraged and is needed if we are going to be successful at meeting your needs.

The Referral Process
Disposition form    [Word file]   [PDF file]
Agreement for involvement form    [Word file]   [PDF file]
Intake form    [Word file]   [PDF file]
Referral template     [Word file]   [PDF file]
Victim impact form    [Word file]   [PDF file]
Consent form    [Word file]   [PDF file

The Hearing
Hearing Script   [Word file]  [PDF file]
Bailiff Script   [Word file]   [PDF file]
Peer Court procedures    [Word file]   [PDF file]
Deliberation Process    [Word file]   [PDF file]

Youth Court Evaluation (Defining Success)
Youth Court Staff Job Description [Word File]  [PDF File]
Youth Court Evaluation     [Word file]   [PDF file]
Parent survey     [PDF file]
Student survey     [PDF file]

Program Management
Budget Worksheet  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Subcommittee Assignment Sheet  [Word File]  [PDF File]

Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management
Youth Volunteer Application  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Adult Volunteer Application  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Volunteer Job Description  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Code of Conduct  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Client Case Information Sheet  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Volunteer Case Schedule  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Youth Court Volunteer Directory  [Word File]  [PDF File]

Program Services and Sentencing Options
Community Service Placement and Projects Information  [PDF File]
Educational Classes Listing  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Community Service and Class Schedule  [Word File]  [PDF File]

Evaluation Resources
Respondent Satisfaction Survey  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Volunteer Satisfaction Survey  [Word File]  [PDF File]
Parent Satisfaction Survey  [Word File] [PDF File]